RV7/7A Construction Videos:

First time builder? Our Sheet Metal Tools video may help.

RV Prepunched Empennage - T210DVD: $39.00                            Watch a clip
Step by step construction of the complete RV6/6A, RV7/7A and RV8/8A empennage with prepunched skins. (3 hours)

RV7/8 Wing Construction - T800DVD: $39.00                                 Watch a clip
Construction of the RV wing for the RV7/7A and RV8/8A. This video details jigs and construction of the wing, control surfaces and fuel tanks. (3 1/2 hours)

RV Side-by-side Fuselage Construction - T875DVD: $39.00         Watch a clip
Details the jigging and building of an RV-7A fuselage. 

RV Side-by-side Finishing Kit - T890DVD: $39.00                          Watch a clip
Completion of the finishing kit demonstrated on the RV-7A, showing the installation of the sliding canopy, cowling and landing gear. (3 hours)

Watching an Engine Rebuild - V100DVD: $18.25                            Watch a clip
     Shows what it takes to rebuilt a Lycoming engine.

Aircraft Systems Installation - T600DVD: $39.00                            Watch a clip
      Covers basic aircraft systems - engine, fuel, oil, radios, electrical. (3 hours)

Aircraft Interior Installation - T185DVD: $22.50                              Watch a clip
     Demonstrates interior installation for the RV6/6A. This video shows techniques and considerations applicable to all homebuilt aircraft. (92 minutes)